Try to imagine sitting in a brainstorming session with co-workers on a Monday morning. The group has been tasked with creating a new product for the company to offer clients. You finally come up with a new product, but are having trouble describing it to your co-workers. What do you do now? Well, you can simplify this process by using the 3D printer your office just purchased from GEM Office Technologies.

All you need to do is design the product in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program and then send it to the printer. Or, if your company does not have a CAD program, you can use a 3D scanner to create the product. The scanner will create a 3D digital copy of the item you want to print in three dimensions.

Once the product has been printed, you can show it around to your co-workers at the brainstorming meeting. You will look like the office superstar since you’ve brought your great idea into a 3D realistic product. The rest of the development process can now begin and will be quicker and easier since you already have the product in-hand at the office.


Benefits of 3D Printing

Does your company need to streamline the development process? If so, 3D printing is a credible option. By purchasing a 3D printer from GEM Office Technologies, you will be able to make an object out of a design that was just created the same day. This allows your company to develop ideas much quicker than in the past, which will make clients/customers very happy.

Build a Prototype

With 3D printing, you can build a prototype and get as much feedback as you want before sending the final item to production. Think about how much time and money you could save anticipating problems that could arise before they happen. You can receive feedback by exhibiting the item at a trade show or convention and see what potential clients or investors have to say about it.

Save Money

You will have spent a small amount of money on the prototype since you created it using your company’s 3D printer. It costs quite a bit to use injection mold tools for multiple test runs. With a 3D printer, you will be able to save a significant amount of money, even if you have to perform multiple test runs or make multiple prototypes.

Early Stage Breakthroughs

Having a 3D printer at your company will lead to early stage breakthroughs for your developers. This means they will be able to figure out issues right off the bat, saving the company a ton of money on multiple prototypes. This will also lead to better products down the road.

If your company is ready to jump into the world of 3D printing, contact the experts at GEM Office Technologies today to discuss your plans. Even if you have questions on how 3D printing can work for your company, contact us, we will be able to demonstrate and show you the future of printing.