The paperless office is a reality with GEM Office Technologies Cloud Services.

Even in today’s digital world, the reality is that most businesses are still dealing with a mountain of paper – bills, receipts, invoices, statements, etc. Reducing the amount of paper your business deals with will save you money while allowing easy access to your documents, anytime, anywhere, just a few clicks away.

Green cloud drive icon with folders isolated on white


Benefits of Cloud Services


In today’s mantra of ‘work anywhere’, having your documents available at your fingertips is an absolute must.

Reduce Costs

And save money! Storing and archiving all of that paper is expensive.


Work Smarter

Increase efficiency by having office staff or administrators use the inbox to get paper to digital format quickly. Scan, drag and drop or upload files from your local computer or network to the inbox for later processing.



Less paper equals more trees. Do your part to help the environment!