copier2Imagine a hectic Monday morning where everyone is running around the busy office and all of a sudden the copier goes down. Nothing can be printed, the sales team can’t get proposals out and everyone is stressed. Then, your copier vendor says it will be days before they can get there for repairs! What do you do? That’s a scary thought to worry about but you’ve decided to work with us at GEM Office Technologies so this is never an issue. We make sure our clients needs are taken care of, and we anticipate problems before they happen so that you don’t have to worry.

All-in-One Copiers

Ask any multi-tasking employee today and they will say that an all-in-one copier makes their job much easier. They don’t have to use more than one machine to scan a document and fax it to a client or make copies after the fax is sent because they literally do everything when it comes to paperwork at the office. Think about how much time you will save by being able to do everything on one machine.

All-in-one copiers have the ability to copy documents, print documents, scan documents, and fax documents. So, not only does an all-in-one copier replace at least three other items, it also helps increase productivity.

No longer do your employees have to go to different areas of the office to copy a document and then fax it to a client. They also do not have to learn how to use various machines. Now, they only have to spend time learning one machine. This increases efficiency by permitting employees to focus on their work instead of how to use the copier or the fax machine. Just another reason why GEM is the leader in office technologies.

For advanced solutions, all-in-one copiers provide your clients with finishing options that help streamline processes. Remember when you were an intern and had to fold 250 pamphlets for that big presentation the boss was given? So do we and with today’s technology, this is an option that the copier can do and you don’t have to. Also, all-in-one copiers can staple as part of their advanced solutions. Again, another task that you don’t have to assign to someone.


Copiers are the Backbone of the Office

As technology continues to improve with the increasing use of laptops and tablets in offices, copiers continue to be the backbone of the office. As many companies boast about going green and using less paper, there always comes a time when paper documents must be printed. Because of this, the copier will never go out of style in an office setting. Offices need to make copies, sometimes in the hundreds at one time, for new employee handbooks and other important documents. Also, your office will need a copier that can be trusted to perform when needed.

What is a Network Copier?

A popular feature of copiers these days is the ability to connect to the machine via the office’s network. Talk about increasing productivity! Your employees do not even have to leave their desk in order to print a document or make copies. If they want to print, all they need to do is hit the print button. If they have a document saved on their computer that needs to be copied, all they have to do is send it to the copier via the network. They can do all of this without leaving their desk, which will keep them focused on work and not spending time chatting with co-workers.

What are Your Office’s Needs?

In need of a new copier? Figure out what your copying and printing volumes are at the office prior to choosing a new copier. Do your employees fax a lot of documents? Is scanning something that is done often? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then an all-in-one copier might be best for your office. Contact GEM Office Technologies today to discuss the options available for your next copier.