Imagine that you are tasked to spear head a company-wide project. Everything you will do will be implemented across many aspects of the company. Your task is to make sure that all documents can be easily transferred, emailed or printed out. What is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so? That’s right; document solutions are the way to go. When you work with GEM Office Technologies, we can help stop the confusion and align all of your document solutions.

An excellent way to ensure that your company’s brand is unified is through the document solutions service from GEM Office Technologies. All the documents of a company, both internal and external, should be unified and feature the correct brand. With document solutions, your company will be able to have uniform documents across the board. This will ensure that your document solutions run smooth and processes are executed seamlessly.


Optimize Processes of Your Company

An important feature of document solutions is the ability to optimize your company’s processes. Moving to a more automated system can help your employees digitize, scan and search documents in a secure location. With document solutions, your employees will be able to convert documents into searchable PDF format for easy access when needed. Think about how much easier this will be for your company as a whole. You will save time but also streamline processes to make the company run smoother.

Create Documents and Issue Effectively

Another process you can optimize with document solutions is creating company documents and issuing them to employees and clients. It can be daunting to sort through various document templates when preparing to issue a document to a group of employees or a department. Now, with document solutions, the process is simpler. All of your templates will have a unified design that matches the company brand. In doing so, people will take notice to how efficient you are.

Archive and Manage Documents Easily

With so many companies ‘going green’ and moving documents onto the cloud, your company will need to have a system that allows easy archiving and management for employees. With document solutions from GEM Office Technologies, no longer will your employees waste time searching endlessly for the documents they need when a project arises. They will be able to find it quickly and keep working hard to ensure productivity is met and everyone stays happy! Another popular feature here is that your employees will always have the latest version of the document they desire at their fingertips.

Employees Become More Efficient

A major benefit of document solutions is that your employees will become more efficient. You will be able to optimize their workflow, provide an easy-to-use system and enable employees to become versatile. This is a win-win for everyone.

A document solutions system can be completely automated based on the rules you define, which means that you do not have to perform any manual tasks to sort documents or save them in the proper locations.

Since these systems are easy to use, you will be able to have all employees uploading documents from their email, Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Pages into the system without any hassle.

A huge advantage of a document solutions system is that it will make your employees more mobile. All your employees need to do is authenticate themselves one time and they will then be able to access documents from wherever they are located using a tablet, laptop or a smartphone. Productivity goes through the roof when you work with GEM Office Technologies and we are able to provide help with any questions or concerns at any stage of the process.

GEM Office Technologies prides itself on offering companies with excellent document solutions systems for their needs. Contact us today to start your discussion about your company’s needs.

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