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What Threats Are Lurking On Your Endpoints?

All it takes is one bad data breach to damage your network and reputation.

You might think you don’t have any malware or infections because you ran a full system scan and it came up clean….

but your scan only looked for the files that are known to be malicious….

Any unknown files that are not on some antivirus blacklist are a ticking time bomb. The average scan won’t be able to pick them up until after they detonate and leave a catastrophe that you have to clean up.

Our GUARD DOG Cyber Endpoint Platform continuously monitors and protects potential threats on laptops, smartphones, tablets, networked printers, or any device that is connected to a company’s network.

With a FREE Forensic Analysis from GEM, using GUARD DOG’S patented process with default deny approach to stop unknown threats, you can single-handedly protect every single endpoint from data breaches, cyber attacks, ransomware and more, without the need for any updates, so you can focus on doing work that matters.


Thousands of computers around the world are being locked up by a fast-spreading ransomware. Big businesses are getting hit. An entire hospital is shut out of it’s system. Suddenly, it’s everywhere: the next big ransomware attack.

Here we go again. And again and again and again and again.

It only took 44 days until Goldeneye reared its head. The bad news: these widespread attacks are just going to keep on coming.

Ransomware has been around for years, but generally only targeted individual networks, like a single hospital or person. But after hacker group “Shadow Brokers” leaked the National Security Agency’s exploits, it gave cybercriminals a much more dangerous weapon.

The NSA’s EternalBlue exploit, which took advantage of the Windows PC’s ability to quickly spread files across a network, was the ammunition that powered both WannaCry and GoldenEye.

With the exploit, you don’t need to be breached personally to get infected.

Even if you’re a responsible user on an updated computer, somebody on your network could be tricked and download malware through emails or a loaded Word document.

It’s why you’re seeing attacks of this scale, and why the word “unprecedented” keeps getting thrown around with each incident.

Imagine fishing with a single rod and then you’re given a giant net. For hackers, it’s time to head out to sea.



Ed Greene discusses the current state of endpoint security.