Managed IT

Are you the head of your company’s IT department? If so, you know that there are thousands of important documents and digital files floating around the office. Because of this, you need to find new ways to effectively manage those digital files before they fall into the wrong hands or disappear into cyberspace.

One such way to preserve all of your hard work is through Managed IT. This service from GEM Office Technologies will help your company operate smoothly and with ease. Your company has so much going on these days that information technology needs to be taken care of by a trusted entity.

Having your company’s IT managed 24 hours per day, seven days per week will only enhance productivity and client relations. No longer will you have to worry about downtime and other IT issues when it is all managed by GEM Office Technologies. We are able to manage your files and protect your assets.


Advantages of Managed IT

Managed IT services from GEM Office Technologies provide companies with peace of mind and plenty of advantages, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Provide employees time to work on tasks.
  • Effectively manage all aspects of company’s cloud environment
  • Reduce downtime, while improving performance and efficiency
  • Integrate new technologies without any issues
  • Allow employees access to live tech support 24/7

IT Support and Management

With so much going on at companies today, there might not be enough time to handle IT support and management issues when they arise. GEM Office Technologies can even monitor your IT infrastructure around the clock in order to anticipate problems before they transpire to keep your IT healthy and running smoothly.

IT Consulting

Another feature of Managed IT from GEM Office Technologies is IT consulting. IT consulting is perfect for companies that want to work on projects using their own employees, but need a helping hand along the way or want to continue to manage their IT on their own. Consultations with representatives from GEM Office Technologies will be informative and help you make decisions that fit your company’s budget. When you partner with us, you partner with the best. We’ve got you covered.

Cloud Services

Is your company ‘going green’ and using as little paper as possible? Do you need a more secure place to store confidential documents? If so, the cloud services from GEM Office Technologies can help your company continue to improve technologically. You will be able to customize how the files on the cloud are backed up, while offering strong connectability and solutions to disaster recovery. Leave it all in the cloud and be able to access your information when you need it.

ITaaS is a Smart Solution

ITaaS, or IT as a Service, is a smart solution for companies of varying sizes. For companies that continue to see growth in their data, but the infrastructure cannot keep up, ITaaS can help. Companies that operate legacy systems will also find that ITaaS is an excellent solution. Knowing and understanding how important your company’s IT infrastructure is to continued success will lead you to managed IT services from GEM Office Technologies.