IP620AngleIf you have been tasked with finding an affordable solution to the traditional telephone service, where would you start? There are so many options available to you that it would make your head spin. Start here and take a long, hard look at VoIP. VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a staple service offered by GEM Office Technologies.

Making phone calls via traditional methods (analog phones) is becoming less popular these days as VoIP continues to explode. VoIP is becoming more of a trend because it is easy to set up, cost effective and easy to maintain. On top of all of this, your office will only pay for phone numbers that are in use by employees.

Another major advantage of using VoIP instead of analog phones at the office is that calls can still be made locally, to international numbers, long distance and to mobile phones. With VoIP, you will save your company time and money. You’ll become the office superstar when you work with GEM Office Technologies.

Required Equipment for VoIP

Even though VoIP is very easy to use, it does require specific equipment in order for it to sync properly at your office. For starters, your office will need to have broadband high speed internet in order for VoIP equipment to work effectively. This internet connection can be established using a cable modem, a local area network or DSL. Once your internet connection is updated you can begin to install the required equipment.

You have three options for making phone calls via VoIP:

  1. Using a VoIP phone,
  2. A computer
  3. Or a traditional phone with a VoIP adapter.

To use VoIP with a computer, you will also need to purchase software and a microphone in order to make phone calls. A VoIP-specific phone will have all of the necessary items to make calls. If you don’t have room in your budget to make a ton of purchases, you could always add VoIP adapters for your current phone system. Having all these options available to you is an effective way for keeping your telephone systems up to date and ahead of the trends.


Advantages of VoIP

Here are just a few advantages of installing a VoIP phone system at your office with the help of GEM Office Technologies:

Easy to Increase and Decrease

When using a traditional phone system, you have to pay for each and every phone line at your company. For instance when new employees are hired, you must buy more phone lines. This not only requires extra money but your time as well. When they leave, you now have phone lines no one is using. With VoIP, you can increase and decrease the amount of lines needed without paying exorbitant fees. Simply put you will not have extra phone lines when employees leave or are terminated.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Another popular advantage of VoIP is the fact that it is easy to install and maintain. There is no hardware required to activate a VoIP system, only a web portal to control who has lines assigned and which ones are empty. The portal will also allow you to reconfigure or move the system when necessary. Sounds easy, right? Don’t worry, it is.

Phone Numbers Follow Employees

If you are adding onto your office or shifting employees from one location of the building to the other, a VoIP system will allow them to take their numbers with them. This means you won’t have to transfer all the phones around the office as your company expands. We understand how much of a hassle that is.
Contact GEM Office Technologies today to discuss your company’s needs for VoIP. We can provide demonstrations and show you how easy VoIP can be. You’re only as efficient as your technology solutions. Let GEM Office Technologies show you how efficient you can be.