In the financial industry, you’re only as efficient as your technology solutions.
With GEM Office Technologies, we tackle complexity and streamline everything.


The generation and distribution of financial documents is time consuming and requires precision. GEM’s total document solutions streamline document workflows and make it easier to securely distribute documents. With OCR for fully text searchable documents and the ability to automate document routing utilizing barcode cover sheets, complex tasks are simplified.


The security of financial information has always been of paramount importance. GEM understands how critical security is and provides solutions for secure document scanning and printing regarding the GLB Act. Controlled access allows you to define who can scan and print to each device and each location.


GEM integrates seamlessly with many third-party recovery solutions so you can manage, account for, and charge back all print, copy, fax and scan output. Assign client codes and IDs by job with the Cryptek app, to track and bill back specific accounts and monitor device usage for greater workflow efficiency.

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