Even before the global financial crisis, healthcare was one of the most competitive industries. Many larger institutions tried to pare costs through mergers and acquisitions, increasing the number of patients with medical records and charts to be copied. Smaller hospitals also experienced the burden of copying and printing as more insurance companies required greater documentation to fill patient claims.

Printing, copying, scanning and faxing medical documents can result in hidden expenses that can cost institutions hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Healthcare organizations need to optimise savings within their print environments by tracking the number of copies, printouts and consumables per printer. Additionally, hospitals waste resources by having Information Technology (IT) staff individually monitor and service printers versus being able to monitor from a central location.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.23.02 AMRobust solution that helps reduce non-patient care related cost
Samsung SyncThru™ Admin features Job Accounting to track copies and prints, and the PC Dashboard to monitor devices. Job Accounting can assist institutions by controlling the number of prints and copies made by an individual or group of individuals. The PC Dashboard enables IT staff to monitor up to 5,000 devices from one central location.

Both features help control costs by redetermining numbers of copies and by deploying printer consumables, such as toner and paper, when needed.

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Solution Features
1. Monitor device usage from a central location with the SyncThru™ Admin PC Dashboard, which contains eight customizable widgets

2. Account for device usage and consumable needs with the embedded SyncThru™ Admin reports

3. Control user output on a device (print, copy, scan or fax) to reduce operating costs with the Samsung SyncThru™ Admin accounting feature

• Reduces non-patient care related costs.
• Able to track device usages and monitor device consumables at real-time basis.


Healthcare industry is one of the most security-senstive areas where institutions set high level of privacy and security policies strictly, while keep seeking higher security solutions to strengthen their security level. In addition, doctors and staff also must comply with government’s strict regulation
on privacy and security.

Healthcare professionals need easy access to patient medical records, but are faced with concerns about privacy and security. Proactive protection of these sensitive documents against privacy invasion, identity theft and hacking is a paramount concern and poses external and internal security risks. In an effort to comply with high security rules and protect patient privacy, healthcare institutions are exploring robust yet cost-effective solutions to these concerns.

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Protect sensitive patient documents with security-rich authenticated print access
GEM’s Medical Security Printing Solution guarantees high security for patient document protection without sacrificing the performance.

Also, the solution requires no server, which offers simple installation without the need to hire a technician, reducing operational costs. In addition, the Samsung SyncThruTM Admin, integrated with Light Weight Directory Access Protocol, help manage accessibility to each job.

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Solution Features
1. SecuThru Lite: Increase document security with authentication prior to printing

2. Integration of SyncThru & LDAP: Protect documents and print jobs from document theft with individual usage reports stored on the sever and access logs