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At Venom we make sure that you are part of the team from the start.


Venom can be an intimidating place for the people who have never been inside of our facility before. People see the crazy videos of our hardcore Bootcamp and boxing classes and say to themselves “I can’t do that” “I’m not ready for that place” BUT! Little did you know that inside Venom Fitness is the most warming group of people you will ever meet! Trainers and members who look forward to helping all types of people with different skill levels meet their fitness needs! The first thing people notice when they research Venom is the Bootcamp and boxing videos that look very intimidating and high energy. But we have a structured BEGINNER recommendation program that we give to our new members who would label themselves as a beginner. We recently built an extension to Venom Fitness called “Cobra” which is an another 2,000sq ft. facility that we build specifically for beginner classes! Cobra is located in the same vicinity as Venom but it is not connected.


The first thing we do is recommend that the NEW member gets a full body analysis on our INBODY 720 machine. The results can be scary sometimes for people. But the future holds even greater results for the client! The InBody machine will tell is exactly what type of working out the client needs to be doing, what body parts need to be worked on, the test will tell us if your upper body is significantly stronger then you legs or visa versa. The main part of this test that we need the most is determining what kind of DIET this particular client needs!


We have a licensed nutritionist on staff who will guide you on the right path with your diet. Your diet is the main part of your journey that has to change first! For the most part people think they eat good, but most of the time we see that the client is not eating enough! We recommend a 2-day food diary of everything that you eat. We can analyze your daily food habits and direct you onto the right path with a custom meal plan designed just for you to meet your personal goals! At Venom Fitness we have a READY TO GO FRESH MEALS FRIDGE with fresh meals made by Clean Eats. The client can take home the meal or meals of their choice for the day. We have ready to go meals like Chicken and Vegetable, Sweet Chili Salmon, Asian Chicken N Vegetables, Veggie Stir Fry, Turkey Quinoa Bowls and more!


We have many classes at Venom Fitness that are beginner and beginner friendly classes. We will go over your schedule with you and determine which classes best fit your schedule and we will tell you which classes we recommend you to do based on your skill level. We have many classes that are beginner friendly such as.

·      Beginner Bootcamp- Small group training in our “Cobra Facility” classes are no bigger than 12 people.

·      Cobra Sculpting- low intensity sculpting class, stationary workouts with dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, and body weight. We recommend this class for beginners because this class does not require you to have cardiovascular endurance like a Bootcamp or a boxing class. “Cobra Facility”  

·      Spin N Lift- is a great class for beginners to take. Although very challenging, the client can go at their own pace on their own bike and not feel like they have to keep up with others. Our spin n lift class is 40-45 mins of cycling and the rest is stationary lifting exercises with weights.

·      Hot Yoga- Hot Yoga is a great way for you to be Zen in our beautiful yoga studio. Our hot yoga room does range from 100-105 degrees but we do not blast the humidifiers like a typical yoga studio does, which makes the air thick and hard to breathe. We have had many people say they don’t like hot yoga, but they now like it at Venom due to the bearable temp and comfortable feels in our studio!

·      Venom/Fit Box- Boxing classes are by far the most taxing when it comes to cardiovascular endurance. But we do recommend this class to beginners because you can go at your own pace having your own bag in front of you. Our Venom boxing class requires a lot of learning of the moves and techniques that we teach you in the class. This class is not only good for you physically, but it is good for you brain!

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