Representative Cases

Hance v. Township of Montville (Bacher) – wrongful termination

Green v. City of Englewood (Mark) – Title 59 proof of notice, palpably unreasonable

Cherry-Hernandez v. Ribeiro (Wisotsky) – sidewalk liability, exemption

Ford v. County of Hudson (Loftus) – LAD/discrimination

Hemingway v. Balsamo (Hinson) – trial evidence issues

Sonuparlak v. Sonuparlak (Bloom) – divorce, equitable distribution

Bull v. Bull (Blaustein) – divorce, relocation

McCoy v. McCoy – divorce, business valuation

Mastrangelo v. Bayonne Medical Center – AOM requirement

Knight v. Prasad (da Costa) – Scafidi & Ponzo

Michel v. NJM (Scura) – Insurance contract construction, coverage, step-down

Gamble v. Van Grouw (da Costa)  – Jury interrogatories

U.S. Bank National Ass’n v. MacDowell (Barbarula) – foreclosure procedures

Sapir v. Resnick (Chase) – Title 59 Notice

Tedeschi v. McGee (da Costa) – discovery amendments

American Asset Finance, LLC v. Feldman – collateral estoppel effect of default judgment

Regalado v. Ramierez (Bloom) – Lien enforcement, attorneys fees

Harris v. Chavez-Echeverry (Stoloff) – Employer liability, vicarious liability

Sin’s Realty, LLC v. Ritesh Kalra, LLC (Squitieri) – Commercial landlord-tenant, eviction

Collins v. Malliah (Chase) – Expert testimony, discovery extensions

Taveras v. Cedar Wright Gardens, L.P. (Grossman) – Discovery extensions, expert testimony

CMS Investment Ventures, Inc. v. American European Ins. Co. (Riley) – Insurance coverage

The Hardaway Co. v. Georgia Dep’t of Transportation – Sovereign immunity

Legal Capital, LLC v. Medical Professional Liability Catastrophe Loss Fund – Lien enforcement

Owen v. CNA Insurance Co. – Enforcement of assignment

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