Excellent Appellate Attorney

My Law Firm retained Tim Foley to oppose an appeal by a medical malpractice defense firm. Tim was responsive, completely on top of the subject matter and the appeal process itself, and wrote an excellent brief well within the time limits of Appellate Practice. Needless to say, we won. I expect to use Tim Foley on all of my appellate work, as my time is better utilized doing what I know best, trial work, and Tim is clearly the expert at the Appellate level.
- Daniel

February 24, 2016

Good Lawyer

Tim was very caring and made all my legal work easy after the death if my husband. I highly recommend Tim.
- Mary

February 26, 2016

Will Preparation

We had a trip to Italy coming up, and about a week before our departure that we needed to set up a will. We were referred to Tim and he got to work right away. Within the week we had a will that covered all contingencies. (No surprise that there were several that we hadn't though of.) He drove down to our home in Essex County to finalize and notarize, all while treating us very fairly when it was time to settle the bill.
- Colin

February 26, 2016

Consultation with Tim Foley

Tim Foley represented me in a legal matter in Bergen County, NJ. Tim was very knowledgeable about the local laws and provided me with options of how best address the matter. Also, Tim was always very friendly and made me at ease in consulting with him. I highly recommend Tim to anyone seeking competent and professional legal counsel.
- Hiram

February 27, 2016


Timothy Foley prepared guardianship papers for my disabled adult son. Timothy was patient, helpful and thorough during the transaction. I would recommend his highly professional style for all of your legal needs.
- Manuel

February 28, 2016

Reliable and Trustworthy

Over the years on at least 6 occasions Timothy Foley has performed legal services for me and my family. He has gone above and beyond in getting me exactly the plans I wanted set up and making signings convenient. I would use no other lawyer.
- Lynda

March 4, 2016

Very informative and complete

I have had Timothy Foley do all types of legal work for me for more than 20 years. His professionalism and expertise ranged from small business set, property purchase and sale, business negotiations & small business dissolution; resolving neighborhood disputes; probate of a will; mortgage refinancing and new LLC establishment. Mr. Foley has consistently been able to understand my concerns and explain the options in a way that enabled me to make well informed critical decisions. Mr. Foley is skilled at being focused, thorough, diplomatic, honest and forthright in all of the work he has done for me over the years. It is my pleasure to recommend him to others.
- Patricia

March 5, 2016

Updating Estate Plan

Mr. Foley provided excellent advice to my wife and I. After consultation he promptly prepared our documents and delivered them to us for signatures. He was able to make the entire process easy.
- anonymous

February 27, 2016

Excellent work

Tim helped my mother and I navigate the setting up a will and trust . He was clear in his presentation of the tax implications and all the other ramifications . He was deliberate in explaining all points so there was no questions that was not satisfied. An attorney you can trust with your best interests in mind.
- Joseph

September 12, 2016

The Wisdom

Walking outside under the spring rain, which helped clear my mind that had mixed with anger and sadness in the past, and which helped my tears that faded away with spring rain moist; I wanted to dry away this ridiculous accusation just like my tears were rolling down to my cheek and lost their appearance so that there weren't anything left behind to against to my future. The person, who I met, and who was waiting for me was Tim Foley who have a heavy silence surround by him, which I felt that I could have communicated with him just like my old favorite professor who taught me the American History, and who taught where the American Flag is standing in this century. His pen was running down in the papers that I could have described what had happened in the school, and what had happened the papers that what I wrote about the Unites State of America’s Democracies success (the accomplishment of an aim). With his wisdom and a good many pieces of advice, allowing me to move forward to what I want to accomplish in my life. Thank you, Mr Foley Sincerely, Kyung-Hwa
- anonymous

April 2, 2017

Estate Planning Documents

We met with Tim to discuss the documents needed to create an estate plan. He explained the documents and provided us with legal advice on the best way to create a plan to make sure our estate would be left to our children. He was patient and answered all of our questions in person, when we called him and through email as well. Tim was very flexible when making appointments and accommodated our needs. We are happy with the service and legal advice we received from Tim and would recommend him to anyone who would like to create an estate plan.
- Joseph

May 5, 2018

Real Estate closing

We used Tim Foley to represent us for our condo closing. We were very happy with Tim. I would highly recommend him.
- anonymous

August 30, 2017

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