Criminal Defense- Domestic Violence

A criminal conviction can carry serious, lifelong consequences. In New Jersey, penalties can include prison time, heavy fines, and a loss of future opportunities. Individuals who face criminal charges, or charges of domestic violence, in the midst of divorce or custody negotiations are especially vulnerable to devastating outcomes in their divorce rulings. Therefore, it is essential you hire a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney to fight on your behalf and protect your future.

If you are facing criminal charges or charges of domestic violence, Rotolo, Bozanian & Yi can offer support and help you build a strong defense. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience representing clients facing a broad range of criminal charges and can provide compassionate counsel and strong support. To learn more about what our Palisades Park firm can do for you, contact us today at (201) 947-1500.

Protect Your Rights and Your Future

The best way to defend against a criminal charge is to hire an attorney with the resources and experience needed to thoroughly protect your rights. At Rotolo, Bozanian & Yi, our lead criminal defense attorney, Elton Bozanian, has fought on behalf of clients charged with a wide range of crimes—including domestic violence—for over 20 years. Mr. Bozanian has gained a reputation throughout New Jersey as a knowledgeable and trusted advocate capable of protecting his clients’ futures. 

At our Palisades Park criminal defense firm, we understand the period following a criminal charge can be upsetting, confusing and uncertain. That is why we are dedicated to working closely with clients and providing guidance and support. We treat our clients like family, offering individualized service and taking a personal stake in seeing them move forward toward a brighter future. At Rotolo, Bozanian & Yi, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

With Us, You're in Good Hands

Regardless of your criminal charge, our attorneys are available to offer you counsel, guidance and assistance with your case. For a free, no-risk consultation contact Rotolo, Bozanian & Yi at (201) 947-1500.  

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